Dr. Fei Yang’s Research proposal through to MBIE second round

Dr. Fei Yang’s research application for MBIE Smart Ideas funding has made through to the second round. Smart Ideas funding focuses on the connection between applied research and commercialisation.

Dr Fei Yang’s research, Novel Heat Sink Technology and Materials, will enable industry to make an advanced heat sink (passive heat exchanger that transfers heat generated) from copper and artificial diamond powders by using conventional facilities. The advanced heat sink material produced will be used for making the substrate materials of high-power output electronics devices. This will help quickly dissipate heat generated from electronics devices and significantly reduces the thermal stress on electronic chips, improving their reliability, prolonging their life span and opening up new potential high power applications for the electronics sector.


More details link to: http://cms.its.waikato.ac.nz/news-events/media/2016/research-proposals-through-to-mbie-second-round